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Things to do in Vegas when you're dead

The Prophet's Bad Movie Mecca

 I have a long-running, love-hate relationship with bad movies. Whether they disgraced the big screen or brought a bright spark to the depths of DTV hell, they will find their way - sooner or later - into the Bad Movie Mecca.

The Lost Vegas Institute of Slayer Studies

I am a huge fan of the excellent TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and its sister show, Angel. Read a garbled account of what these are, and a much longer attempt to expound on the mythos behind them.

The Lost Vegas Public Library

A collection of my writings, including fan fiction, short stories and roleplay gaming stuff.

Other Movie Stuff

This page began as a fan site for the movie Six-String Samurai, directed by Lance Mungia, starring Jeffrey Falcon and Justin McGuire.
Six-String Samurai is the coolest film you've never seen, and I urge you to attempt to rectify this oversight as soon as possible. Alas, SSS, was never widely distributed. It was only by the happiest of chances that I was able to see it, and I've been raving about it ever since. The link above goes to its home page. See also the homepage of the Siberian-California surf-rock band, The Red Elvises, who did the music for the film, and my own theory of what it means.

I also have other theories about other movies.


My favourite hobby. 

Find out more from my roleplaying pages, or my former flatmate's site, Mant's Lair.

The Great and the Good

Tributes to people I think are cool, for one reason or another. Be it brains, brawn, persistence or just plain unflinching ill-fortune.

Our House

A brand new section of interest only to a small number of people. This is a website for my student house during my PGCE year.

If you're looking for the Neo-Psychadelic band, The Lost Vegas, you're in the wrong place.

Other places to find The Prophet

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The Prophet on H2G2

The Prophet's LiveJournal

Random ramblings, screamed out loud to an uncaring universe.

Cthulhu vs. The Dread Smiley Face

By Magoo and The Prophet

Just see what you can achieve given a rainy afternoon in Cambridge, a digital camera, and a couple of broken minds. Due to a chance link from the Shoggoth Network, this site has had many thousands of hits.

Mant's Lair

The site that once hosted Lost Vegas also carries some of my writings on the subject of roleplaying games. Most of these relate to White Wolf's World of Darkness games.


    The obligatory mish-mash of sites I find interesting is here.

    In brief, some of my most visited links are stored on my bookmarks page.

The Prophet
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