Season 1

    Season 1 of Stargate: SG-7 is set during Season 8 of Stargate: SG-1

1.1 The Call

    On a routine mission, SG-7 discover evidence of a force more ancient and malevolent than any the SGC has faced before.

1.2 The Horror

    SG-7 learn the dangers of ill-advised experimentation when they take SG-1's place on a mission with possible Elder Threat connections.

1.3 The Scourge

    When SG-12 disappears, SG-7 are sent to explore connections to the Elder Threat. What they find is more terrible than even Merlyn has ever dared to imagine.

1.4 The Black Pharaoh

    A brief holiday proves as deadly for Merlyn as any of her missions, and reveals to her a little of Roberts' dark history.

1.5 The Dark Places

    On a world apparently cleansed of the Scourge, SG-7 - now five strong - discover that sometimes you do have to be scared of the dark.

1.6 Welcome to the Lake

    SG-7 are called upon to investigate strange goings on at the SGC Gamma Site on Shayara when the International Naquadah Stardrive Research Program is contaminated by pre-Ancient influences.

The Kalshek'tak Trilogy

1.7 White as Snow

    SG-7 are caught in the crossfire when the Goa'uld Lady Danica runs into a spot of vampire trouble.

1.8 Black as Ebony

    The team have another encounter with their deadly foe, the Kalshek'tak Djanka, this time in the ruins of a Scourge temple.

1.9 Red as Blood

    The team launch a desperate rescue mission when one of their number is abducted by a vampire.

1.10 Local Hero

    During a period of well-deserved downtime, Merlyn is called upon to protect one of her team mates from a fifteen year old murder enquiry, but finds the waters muddied when she begins to doubt his innocence.

Season 2