Season 3

    Season 3 of Stargate: SG-7 is set one year after Season 9 of Stargate: SG-1

3.1 Syndicate

    The members of SG-7 have been assigned to a variety of posts when they are reunited by a threat which arises in Russia.

The Creep of Time

3.2 Slipback

    On a return visit to Perecz, SG-7 encounter a threat not only to Earth's future, but to her past as well.

3.3 The Cradle of Civilisation

    In an attempt to prevent the destruction of Earth's history, the team must journey back to ancient Egypt and destroy another Nexus Totem, but all will be for nothing if they can not identify the influence which is spreading back through history.

3.4 The Witching Time

    SG-7 target another key Totem, this one in the distorted version of mediaeval Ireland, and find an unlikely ally in their struggle.

3.5 Where the Wild Things Are

    In a last, desperate bid to end the threat of the time portal, SG-7 must brave the horrors of the world from which the dark influence emanates; a world which has already resisted two attempts to silence its psychic cry.

3.6 Reflections

    SG-7 discover a mirror on an alien world and the artefact begins to exert a strange influence on their behaviour.

3.7 The Thief of Shadows

    Strange things are afoot in the Eldertech labs and Sergeant Pearson is pondering his future with SG-7, the SGC and with the US Air Force.

3.8 In an Evil Time

    SG-7 and the entire Gamma Site come under attack from the vengeful servants of the dark influence and are cut off from the Stargate.

3.9 The Thousand Young

    Trapped in Shub-Niggurath's world, the team have only each other to rely on as they move towards a confrontation with their nemesis, the disciple of the Dark Mother who launched the attack on the Gamma Site.

3.10 Father's Day

    With his team on leave, Colonel Ferretti is left to consider the past and the future.