Stargate: SG-7 follows the adventures of a crack military expeditionary team, who travel through the Stargate to explore new worlds, seek alliances and technologies to help defend the earth and combat those forces that threaten their world. In addition to the general duties of an SGC expeditionary and exploratory team, SG-7 have a special mandate to investigate and assess the dangers posed by the relicts of pre-Ancient cultures.

    The team leader is a familiar face, Lieutenant-Colonel Louis Ferretti, one of only three men to survive the original Abydos reconnaissance and the only one of those three not serving on SG-1. Having lived through the SGC's first mission thanks to the efforts of Daniel Jackson and Colonel O'Neill, he has a great respect for them and for their team; perhaps too great, and until now he has lived and worked in their shadow.

    Ferretti's 2IC and communications specialist is Captain Meredith Lloyd, known to most by her cadet callsign Merlyn. Transferring from an analytical post at Area 51 she is seen by some as a potential NID mole. Furthermore she is acutely aware that many people expect her to be Major Carter, despite the fact that she is a folklorist and linguist by training, not an engineer.

    Lieutenant Timothy Roberts is a highly-skilled career airman with a mysterious past. The Air Force is his life, yet he remains a lieutenant almost ten years after his graduation with honours from the AFA and has few decorations beyond service medals. He has a gift for small-unit insertion and extraction tactics and speaks a dozen languages, a combination which gives many pause for thought.

    Technical Sergeant Alexander Pearson is the team's technical wizard. Not an engineer exactly, he simply has an intuitive grasp of machines that translates poorly to academic qualifications. His abilities are invaluable in the field, but in the lab he often clashes with the SGC's formally-trained scientists.

    Lieutenant Alexa Vasilievna Rasputina is the foreign exchange student. A graduate of the Russian Army's ESPionage and Stargate programs, her unique gifts make her an asset to the team, even if some of her colleagues have trouble acknowledging that fact.

    Although they often act as a regular expeditionary SG unit, SG-7 was tasked in 2004 with a very specific mission. Their job is to scour the Stargate network, seek out evidence of pre-Ancient activity, analyse the danger such activity presents to Earth and find a way to defend against it.

   In addition to the team, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill has a particular interest in the Behemoth Protocols. He is the designated coordinator for matters pertaining to the Elder threat and thus has ultimate responsibility for preventing the destruction of Earth by ancient, alien monsters. Captain Lloyd has also been assigned a research assistant, Miss Eleri Goffannon, a self-styled white witch.