Queens' College MCR Formal Hall - 7/10/03

    For those outside the Cambridge system, the MCR is the collegiate graduate club and formal hall is a sit-down dinner for which we have to wear gowns (as evidenced below). Sadly, Sean could not be persuaded to take his camera to the event itself...This time.

The gang's all here!

Elizabeth, Yours Truly, Emma, Sean and Kate, ready for the formal hall. Dig those funky gowns.

For the Cambridge members out there, only one of these people is wearing a gown with 'strings out'. Can you guess which one?


Elizabeth models the MA gown; the latest word in Spring fashions. Note the long sleeves, ideal for getting in your soup.
Sean; dashing, debonair man-about-college.   
Yours Truly, sweating joy and laughter from every pore as always.