Season 2

    Season 2 of Stargate: SG-7 is set during Season 9 of Stargate: SG-1

2.1 They Will Set the Sky on Fire

    The team discover a prophecy that the Tau'ri will bring destruction to the galaxy, and a race who have made more than one attempt to destroy the SGC because of it.

2.2 Ancient Gods Shall Fall

    A world once held by the Goa'uld is ravaged by the Scourge when a Mind arises after millennia in hibernation, but the cause of its waking may pose an even greater threat than the Scourge itself.

2.3 The Devil's Dance

    SG-7 undertake a mission to search for the Heretic, a very dangerous Stradivarius violin. The search takes place on Earth, but leads two of the team very much further afield and into the clutches of an old adversary.

2.4 Ancient Seas Will Boil

    A pact between The Scourge and a vengeful Goa'uld places the galaxy in mortal danger.

2.5 The Destroyers will be Destroyed

    The team respond to a distress call from a Scourge-ravaged world, and find themselves coming to the rescue of the most unlikely people imaginable.

2.6 Ark

    A long-abandoned space hulk could provide a wealth of technological advances, or it could swallow SG-7 whole.

2.7 The Song of the Scourge

    After more than a year spent battling the deadly Scourge, SG-7 finally discover a way in which they might be able to speak with this implacable foe.

2.8 Sentinel

    Roberts becomes a genuine abductee when he is kidnapped by aliens while on leave. Someone believes that he holds the key to great power and unless he can control that power, Sparrow may pay with her life.

2.9 When the Stars are Right

    SG-7 are called into urgent action when the repercussions of a past mission threaten the future of all life in the galaxy.

2.10 Winter

    On recuperative leave in Russia, Alexa Rasputina is caught up in an ancient power struggle and a particularly messy bit of family business.

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