That's how it always starts: Very small.
-  Egg Shen, "Big Trouble in Little China"

The Tribute Page

This is going to be where I store links and musings about the people whom I think, in their own special way, had that certain special something. They're basically the people who really caught my attention, for whatever reason, and made me think: Now there's a real character. They're the heroes and the villains of this crazy world, and be they good or bad, at least they can look down (or up) from their serried afterlives (apart from the ones who haven't died yet of course) and say: I made my mark.

It's all terribly personal of course, and possibly of no real interest to anyone, but here it is.

Tough Guys

Long-lived warrior kings and gravelly-voice Scots actors. This is the page where you'll find those few men's men who have - through effort of will or natural luck - passed beyond the realms of feeble machismo to stands as gods among lesser mortals. Look upon their works ye mighty and despair.

The Brainy Bunch

Scientists are ten a penny; likewise academics. Only a few proud men and women stand out among the crowd, as true visionaries or at least as truly charismatic whackos.

Paragons of Misfortune

There will always be many who seem afflicted with bad luck or plain incompetence, but only a rare few combine it with such flair and tenacity as these folks.